You Will Spend Your Whole Life with One Person

That Person is YOU!
Are you ready to be with yourself,
no matter what?

Are you Ready to Say YES I DO!

Are you ready to be with yourself through your failures, disappointments and imperfections as well as with all the many joyful moments that are possible?

Are you ready to build a relationship with yourself that lasts a lifetime?

If the answer is yes, then you are ready to fall in love with yourself again. 

You are ready to Marry Yourself!

Marry Yourself is about Reinventing your Relationship with Yourself.

It's about committing to yourself for 9 months. It's like being pregnant with the New You!

Step by step you will leave the old parts of you behind; those patterns that are no longer serving you. It's about discovering and developing new patterns that will help you fall in love with yourself again. 

You will meet and say goodbye to your fears and to your old stories. You will discover and cultivate your feminine power. You will know how to get from a current state to a desired state. You will discover yourself again. And what's most important... you will Marry Yourself!

And at the end of this Transformative Master Class you will feel Totally Accepted by YOU!

It's Worth Working on You!

In this Amazing 9 Month Online Program you will learn how to accept the process of the moment you are in and the place you are at right now. 


Who is this Adventure For?

Yes, it's an Adventure! It's a 9 Month Adventure to yourself. And, It's for you, if...

  • You have gone through a divorce, a separation or are thinking of it...
  • You don't feel like you are enough... or you've forgotten who you really are...
  • You feel like there is something missing but you're not quite sure what that is... 
  • You've Forgotten How to Care for you...

What Does the Journey Look Like?

Chapter 1 - Getting To Know YOUR Life Story.

We will meet each other at a deeper level. We will work with your Inner Critic and Show you How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself.

Chapter 2 - The Old Life and the New Life

You will Learn How to See the Story of your Life, How to Let Go of Stuff, How to Change and Work with any Change in Your Life and How you will create the Story of your New Life.

Chapter 3 - Find the Goddess Within You

Discover & Cultivate Different Feminine Qualities incl. being a mother, a lover, a sister, a warrior and more. Discover who you are in most situations, overcome some qualities which are blocking you from fulfillment and develop others to help you as you move forward.

Chapter 4 - Tailor Made

We run this program once a year and each and every time the dynamic is different. This Chapter is Tailor Made based on the needs of this particular group dynamic. We will dive deep to see if all the blind spots are dealt with before moving on.

Chapter 5 - Body, Mind and Soul Detox

Learn why detoxing is so important for women and how to do a body detox safely. You will also gain the tools and experience the practice of clearing up your thoughts. All practical, all doable. 

Chapter 6 - Ultimate Medicine - Feeding Your Soul

Learn about what your soul wants and the act of creation. Learn how to communicate with the Universe and experience a practical "What do I Want" exercise. 

Chapter 7 - Preparation and Pleasure

This chapter is all about how to really deeply care about yourself. You will learn and gain experience in pleasure, in looking, in not looking and the things that don't matter.

Chapter 8 - The Vow

This is all about the Power of Words. You will learn how to write your Big Vow and deliver a powerful message to the universe. You will learn about the Whole You from a very special holistic model. 

Chapter 9 - The Wedding

We start with retrospection; we will reflect on how much you released, how you feel today compared to the beginning of the program, your new habits and getting ready for your Wedding Ceremony. There will be a "Hen Night", lots of gifts and more...

We Start with a Gift

We start with a Gift Designed just for you, one which will equip you with what you need to be ready Body and Soul for the adventure ahead. It is my personal gift to you. 

Live Monthly Sessions

This is an intensive program that combines webinars and a monthly live group session with lots of self reflection and personal exercises. We call these exercises your JOY WORK because it is done with pleasure and fun in mind. 

Individual Soul Mentoring Sessions

We also have Two Individual Soul Mentoring Sessions together; one at the beginning and one at the end. In this way you'll see how much transformation has occurred. 

Private Community Group

A Dedicated Community Group Built for support throughout the 9 Months and one month beyond. 

Are You Ready to Fall In Love With Yourself?

Because I'm Ready to Help you Make that Happen...


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